Get instant access to your fleet’s traffic fines with Fines4U
Get instant access to your fleet’s traffic fines with Fines4U

Get instant access to your fleet’s traffic fines with Fines4U

By Brandstories Time of article published Sep 6, 2021

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Fines4U has developed a computerised system that provides details of traffic fines linked to selected corporate clients.

A unique portal will be made available to such clients and by simply entering a client’s business register number (“BRN”) the system extracts the full details of each traffic fine that can be redirected, based on the parameters defined by the AARTO system.

On receipt of the details of those fines that can be redirected, the functionality to initiate redirections is provided; the client has full control over which fines to be redirected and to whom. The data that is sensitive as defined by the POPI act is only visible to the client and otherwise hidden in the system, thereby adhering to the POPI act requirements for confidentiality.

In addition to the fines that can be redirected, the Fines4U system will also display details of all fines held at that point in time in the Fines4U system, including all relevant information pertaining to each fine (status, penalty amount, etc.). The portal will restrict details to those fines that are held against the specified BRN(s).

Once the client has access to the details of all valid traffic offences, further action can be taken to optimise the savings on outstanding penalties and / or to redirect fines to the employees who are responsible for specific offences.

Each portal will ensure that the client’s fines related data is not made available to other clients, and also restricting access to the data belonging to the owner of the client portal. Access to the portal is controlled via a password that is defined by the client.

Data extraction is done as frequently as is required by the client, and the scope of extraction is fully under the control of the client. Various formats for displaying the data can be defined according to the specifications of each client, including analytical (graphical) representation of selected information.

How it works

  • Subscribe to our fines Portal to redirect your company's Aarto traffic fines within the allowed 32 days window period.
  • By doing it yourself you don't have to worry about a 3rd party having access to your employees' ID numbers and thus keeping in line with the new POPI legislation.
  • Our Portal also gives you a summary of all your outstanding traffic fines indicating the possible reduction by making use of the Fines4U administration system.

Contact Cornelia (0824492274) at Fines4U for more information, or visit

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