Olympic gold medallist Roland Schoeman.
Olympic gold medallist Roland Schoeman.

Celebrities voice aspirations to become Cabinet ministers

By Jehran Naidoo Time of article published Aug 3, 2021

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Cape Town - As rumours of a Cabinet reshuffle swirl, two social figures have voiced their aspirations to become ministers in the government.

The latest figure to do so is Olympic gold medallist Roland Schoeman, who said on Twitter that he would like to be nominated as the minister of sport .

“I’m committed to every single South African, no matter who is being given as much opportunity to represent our country. The word ’transformation’ continues to divide our country and perpetuate the division. We’ve had over 20 years now. We need a transformed system,” Schoeman said.

South Africans had mixed feelings about Schoeman’s stated ambitions, with some questioning how the former champion planned to achieve change.

A user asked: “As a swimming champion, I’m sure you’d be passionate about enlarging the swimming pool in SA. What’s your understanding of our swimming infrastructure in the townships, how are you planning to market it in the townships? How do kids develop interest in it when it’s not aired?”

Schoeman replied: “At the most basic level swimming is a life skill. No child should ever be afraid to be in and enjoy the water. Behind that, offering facilities (access to facilities) and coaching can advance swimming proficiency. If the choice is to take swimming further, we ensure they have the ability to.”

South African musician Zakes Bantwini said that he wanted to run for the position of minister of arts and culture.

“I want to be the minister of art and culture in the PresidencyZA. This pandemic has been extremely challenging for our industry and it’s clear we have no leadership that cares for the creative economy of this nation. As creatives, we deserve better and I want to change that for the next generation,” Bantwini said in a statement.

Some Twitter users questioned his worth in the political sphere.

“If you weren’t part of the Struggle or have any history within ANC politics or involved in politics, how can you aspire to be a minister of anything – when you are not even a mere MP or actively involved in politics? Get into the ANC and work your way up,” a Twitter user said.

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