Are you job hunting but don’t have it all together? Here are tips that might help. | Mike Groll AP File
Are you job hunting but don’t have it all together? Here are tips that might help. | Mike Groll AP File

5 things recruiters won’t tell you, that you should know

By Supplied Time of article published Oct 6, 2021

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Job hunting can be a very stressful activity, especially if you are coming straight from university or college. That is why dealing with recruiters can make the process a little more smoother.

And while recruiters are there to help you find the job, they are also there to service their clients – the potential employer., has highlighted five things recruiters will never tell you – but you should be aware of.

1. Make the best first impression

First impressions still mean a lot. There are some recruiters which may put the first impression aside. But unreturned calls, bad manners and sloppy interviews will definitely hurt your chances for the next round.

For many positions, interviewers care more about the likeability of a candidate than their overall qualification for the job.

Remember, the person who is interviewing you might be your future manager.

Salary negotiations

Salary negotiations are a bit of a tug-of-war. Both job seekers and recruiters try to get the most suitable deal. No company would ever admit that they would actually pay more, so you may have gotten a better salary.

Recruiters have a salary range in mind for each role. And a lot of times the initial salary offer can be negotiated to a higher amount. Keep in mind that the recruiter wants to make the placement, so will support you in getting what you want. They also need to satisfy their client’s need, so bear this in mind too.

Your references were bad

If a recruiter or hiring manager has doubts about you, they won’t let you know if your unflattering references confirmed their doubts.

Bad references can ruin your chances of getting the job. Check your references to make sure they will only say good things about you. If you choose not to give a reference, back-door references are now a sneaky way for hiring managers and recruiters to gather more information about you. Also, not providing references may raise a few questions from the recruiter.

Your social media ruined your chances

Almost 80% of recruiters or hiring managers use social media to check out their applicants. This is why your social media accounts have to reflect the image and the brand you are projecting.

It should complement your résumé. Also, potential employers don’t usually want to see strong political views and posts on any information that could be considered offensive to anyone.

The way you look does matter

The candidate’s appearance should be irrelevant, but it can charm or scare the hiring manager.

Of course, the company is hiring you for your skills and capabilities, but the way you are dressed and groomed is important as well. No matter what work environment you are being interviewed for, the general rule of thumb is to be presentable and well-groomed.

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