Boity. Picture: Instagram
Boity. Picture: Instagram

Mzansi reacts to Boity Thulo saying she needs a R450K girlfriend allowance

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Nov 12, 2021

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If you ever had hopes of one-day dating media personality Boity Thulo, you’d better have a very healthy bank balance.

Boity found herself at the top of the trends list this week after she revealed how much she would need as a girlfriend allowance.

Boity was a guest on Mihlali Ndamase’s YouTube show, “Cocktail Hour” where the duo made cocktails, and discussed life and relationships amongst other topics.

The topics came from questions asked by Mihlali and her guest.

Boity asked the social media influencer if she ever received a girlfriend allowance, how much was it, and if she had not received an allowance before, how much would she want.

“Many moons ago I once had a girlfriend allowance. It was cute, he used to give me R50K a month. I was happy but now your girl is expensive, you must give me R100K. In life you must elevate, you must grow,” answered Mihlali.

Mihlali asked Boity the same question. The rapper said she had never really had a girlfriend allowance but would ask for money and get it.

She then went on to say how much she would need if she was to be given an allowance.

“Based on my needs and my comfort levels, what I do for myself, I would be really comfortable with R450K, I don’t think that’s a lot. That would make a difference in my life. If you are going to give something it can’t be a piggy bank vibe, I already work hard,” said Boity.

A stunned Mihlali then asked Boity which man in South Africa would be able to do that. Boity maintained that it was possible.

Boity revelations shocked social media users, see below:

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