Toya Delazy. Picture: Instagram
Toya Delazy. Picture: Instagram

Toya Delazy says forcing people to get vaccinated is a 'crime against humanity'

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Jul 27, 2021

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South African musician Toya Delazy has said that placing limitations on what people who choose not to get the vaccine can do is a form of human rights violation.

Toya took to Twitter to express her views after French lawmakers approved a controversial law this week that will provide vaccinated people with privileged access to restaurants, cafes, intercity transportation and other venues starting in August — a measure that has drawn nationwide protests over the past two weeks.

Access to venues covered by the law will also be possible with a recent negative coronavirus test, or proof of immunity through infection, while anyone who does not meet these qualifications may not legally enter.

French President Emmanuel Macron has said the aim of what the government calls a “health pass” is to drive up vaccination rates, which had begun to plateau in recent weeks.

In a string of tweets, Toya made her stance on vaccines clear and slammed the subtle manner in which “the powers that be” are treading on people's rights.

“When France announced that people can no longer vote, shop, party or gym without the vaccine, I smelt that rat. So you not allowed to exist. Is this vaccine oxygen or what?” she wrote.

She then said: “Vaccines are personal, you take it to protect yourself, not for others.

“I believe in freedom of choice first; not forcing them on young people or else strip away their livelihoods.

“This is a crime against humanity. We, the 99% that survive, are locked up like criminals,” Toya said.

Prior to France’s new laws, the debate about “vaccine passports” has been a heated one on social media.

Toya, who is based in the UK, made it clear that she believes “vaccine passports” infringe on human rights and that young people, in particular, should take a stand against them.

“Forcing the youth (99% survival) to vaccinate or else be denied basic human rights in society is breaking the laws of nature and free will.

“I call bullsh*t on the system.

“What you have done to us young people is unforgivable. You left us with nothing, stranded and unsupported.

“Humans have a right to live as they choose, no matter how expressional, as long as they hurt none.

“Only those with wicked intentions force you to behave out of your natural state in 'hope' of a better life. It's reverse psychology,” Toya tweeted.

See her tweets below:

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