Toya Delazy. Picture: Instagram
Toya Delazy. Picture: Instagram

Toya Delazy’s poll asking about her music career goes south

By Jamal Grootboom Time of article published Jul 5, 2021

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Toya Delazy didn’t get the result she was hoping for after asking tweeps if her music career fell off in a poll.

She recently released her “Afrorave Vol. 1” album in isiZulu, featuring Young Mbazo, a local band that’s made up of sons and grandsons of the Grammy award-winning Ladysmith Black Mambazo artists .

Having returned to music following her three-year hiatus, Delazy's last project was “Uncommodified” in 2017, seemed to be making her way back into the local music game.

This comes after she moved to London, UK and started her label Delazy Entertainment.

Over the weekend, the “Khula Khula” singer commented on a video of controversial businessman Mandla Lamba and his wife which many tweeps branded as having many red flags, however, Toya said: “I love the energy here it's so beautiful.”

To which @underscoreurb responded: “No wonder you fell off.”

This prompted the “My City” singer to do a poll asking if she had fallen-off.

With three hours left on the poll and over 28k votes casts, 80% of users voted fell off while 20% said she had never left.

Tweeps shared their thoughts about the results along with the ratio of the post.

“This is considerably worser (sic) than posting your Ls on the timeline.

“Yo, why would you fetch an L sis?“ said @afro_wylin.

“Now why you setting yourself up?” commented @NotYourPlayTing.

“this self ratio,” said @SONGE7O.

“Yho, I’d cry blood. Rolling on the floor laughing,” said @theesunflower9.

“You see? I told you sis,” commented @BNjalo_artist.

“For the love of God Toya delete this babes the suffering is going on too long” said @BinweA.

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