Tyson is voted off in episode 15 of ’Survivor SA: Immunity Island’. Picture: Supplied
Tyson is voted off in episode 15 of ’Survivor SA: Immunity Island’. Picture: Supplied

Tyson misreads situation with his arch-enemy and it costs him the game in ‘Survivor SA: Immunity Island’

By Debashine Thangevelo Time of article published Sep 9, 2021

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It’s down to the final four and they are all hungry, literally and figuratively, to win the eighth season of M-Net’s “Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island”.

Of course, there is no denying the fact that Chappies is primed for the win. His record-breaking winning streak in the challenges has propelled him into the same extraordinary league as some of the show’s best players.

Following Kiran’s exit, Tyson is still gutted to have lost his best friend and greatest ally in the game.

Meanwhile, Chappies admits to underestimating both Kiran and Tyson.

Of course, his eye remains firmly on the prize. And he continues to secretly forage for food – this time coconuts and sugar cane – to get him through the next few days.

Despite the growing hunger pangs, Anela, Nicole and Tyson crave a spot in the top 3. There’s just one problem – Chappies is a formidable threat with his successive wins at the challenges.

In tonight’s episode, there was no reward challenge. The remaining castmates had to fight it out for the individual immunity necklace.

And it was a physically demanding one.

Host Nico Panagio sweetened the victory by throwing in breakfast with a member of the jury. This would give the winner of the challenge an edge in the game by gaining invaluable insight into how they need to play the game for the win.

Chappies wins the individual immunity challenge. Picture: Supplied

Unsurprisingly, Chappies won despite Anela giving him stiff competition towards the end.

Nicole called him a “challenge beast” and the other tribe members nodded in agreement, Tyson grudgingly so.

Anesu was the jury member Chappies settled on. And he was as delighted to see her as he was the nutritious breakfast on the table.

During their chat, she gave him an overview of the jury’s feelings on how he has been playing the game. She advised him to choose wisely if he wants to be in the top 2 and pointed out that a win would be in the bag if he went up against Nicole.

She also drew his attention to Wardah’s allegiance, especially where Tyson is concerned.

Before Chappies returned to camp, he was also given the option to remove one jury member from the final tribal council. And he was pretty chuffed to have this ace up his sleeve.

Of course, viewers are au fait with the bad blood between Tyson and Chappies. Tyson hasn’t been shy about calling Chappies out.

Chappies reconnects with former ally, Anesu. Picture: Supplied

But with the alliance between Chappies, Nicole and Anela holding strong, Tyson wasn’t prepared to go down without a fight and approached Chappies in a last-ditch effort to upset the current status quo.

Chappies, however, seemed to have made up his mind. That is until Nico pointed out that the top 2 spot was closer than he thought.

As such, Chappies considered changing his decision and had a quick consult with Nicole and Tyson, which made Anela a bit anxious.

Unfortunately, Tyson didn’t take the lifeline extended to him and found his torch snuffed out. Meanwhile, jury member Wardah also found herself sent off.

Nico’s parting words to the remaining three were: “Good luck everybody, trust me, you will need it.”

All in all, Tyson didn’t regret his decision or how he played the game though.

He said: “I’m over the moon with the game that I’ve played. I feel it’s been unorthodox and extremely authentic and for me to come into a game like ‘Survivor’ with an original approach is something that I’m extremely proud of.

“In hindsight, I did have an opportunity to go with Chappies and blindside Anela but it didn’t happen because I misread the situation. I played this game with absolutely no regrets!”

“Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island” airs on M-Net (DStv channel 101) on Thursday at 7.30pm.

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