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Friday, May 27, 2022

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What’s in a name? The ’Show us your name in Urban Dictionary’ trend is taking over our Instagram stories

Show us your name trend. Picture: Instagram

Show us your name trend. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 24, 2021


Looking for baby names or simply what your name means? Then Google it. That’s what most people do when searching for answers.

However, Instagram users are heading on over to Urban Dictionary to find out the meaning of their names.

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The "Show us your name in Urban Dictionary" trend has taken over our Instagram Stories. Where we could once get everyday glimpses of peoples lives and hilarious memes, we’re being bombarded with the meanings of users’ names.

This viral trend asks users to "Show us your name in Urban Dictionary", using the new "Add Yours" feature (a feature I’m yet to figure out how to use).

Show us your name trend. Picture: Instagram

The photo-sharing app added the "Add Yours" sticker feature earlier this month.

Users respond to the sticker question with the apparent meaning of their names according to Urban Dictionary.

Urban Dictionary has always been the go-to place to discover the meaning behind slang phrases.

For some folk, their name-search results have been fairly sweet and endearing while others have had some rather nasty, bordering on X-rated, responses.

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I, for one, won’t be sharing mine. Way too many words would need to be blacked out.

Of course, one takes these things too seriously, it’s not like it’s Wikipedia.

If, like me, you’re trying to figure out how to get in on the trend, here’s what to do.

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When you come across the "Show Us Your Name in Urban Dictionary" Sticker on someone's Instagram Story, tap the "Add Yours" button to join in.

Without closing Instagram, head to Urban Dictionary's website, search your name, and pick the best "definition" that appeals to you.

Screenshot the definition, save it to your camera roll, head back to Instagram, and choose the screenshot as your "Show Us Your Name in Urban Dictionary" Sticker background.

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Then post it.

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