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5 edible table runner ideas for your next party

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published Apr 28, 2021

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Beautiful tablescapes are a standout feature at wedding receptions, parties and even casual family get-togethers.

From vibrant florals strewn across crisp white linen tablecloths to candles nestled among green foliage, when it comes to decor, table runners have been the popular choice, perfectly complementing any event.

Taking decor to new heights, a rather unusual trend has been cropping up more and more on the party scene in 2021.

From a smorgasbord of scattered figs, wedges of cheese and pots of preserves to freshly baked breads, butter, olive oil and balsamic vinegar - edible arrangements are being creatively displayed on tables in place of flowers and other more traditional decor items.

Before the main meal is served, people tend to get a little peckish. This style of serving snacks allows your guests to graze at their leisure without the inconvenience of leaving their seats.

Whether it’s a rustic countryside wedding with whole fruit or a backyard baby shower with adorable cupcakes for guests to ice, there’s a feast of enticing options to fit any occasion.

But, the absolute best part about this trend is that there will be no paying for decor that will go unused, collecting dust in the garage. Instead, any leftovers can be packed away in takeaway boxes as a gift to the invitees.

5 edible table arrangements your guests will love:


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Pomegranate wedges boasting red rubies, whole apples and oranges - fresh fruit not only tastes delicious on a hot summer’s day but they look so stunning when displayed on the raw, exposed wood of a farm-style table. Wedge a few green leaves in between the fruit and keep some of them whole to bulk up the display.


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Cheeseboards of all sorts have been popular for some time so why not make them into the focal point of your party decor? Place brown paper across the length of your table or enough wooden boards to cover its length. The boards should be narrow as they need to appear to be overflowing with an abundance of cheeses, grapes, dried fruit, biltong and preserves. Garnish with edible flowers for a pop of colour.

Nacho cheese board

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Take your hosting skills to new heights with a table runner you build yourself and then devour at the very end. This tablescape is ideal for movie nights, pre-drinks and house-warmings too. Cover the table with paper and spread out a good portion of nacho chips across its length.

For a more appealing look, use a mix of shapes and colours. On either side of the chips, place all the toppings for the guests to layer on themselves as well as cutlery. Guacamole, queso fresco, salsa, jalapenos and meat toppings are a few delicious examples.

Bread board

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Dress up your table with a centrepiece made up of breadsticks, freshly baked ciabatta, French loaves and farm-style bread encrusted with seeds. Add pots of butter, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, cheeses and preserves to fill up any empty spaces.

Wrap the bread in brown paper and twine for an extra rustic finish. The occasional sprig of rosemary tucked between loaves will completely finish off the tablescape.

S’mores board

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Perfect for weddings, bridal shower sleepovers, family braais, and holiday get-togethers s’mores are a sweet treat everybody loves. However, this table decor version is a little more creative and allows you to roast marshmallows from your table with the use of tea candles.

Display all the fixings of crackers, chocolate slabs and skewers on a longboard across the table for something a little more upmarket.

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