This beef burger filled with Oreos is making us cringe. Picture: Facebook
This beef burger filled with Oreos is making us cringe. Picture: Facebook

Make it stop! This beef burger filled with Oreos is making us cringe

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Nov 15, 2021

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I have been trying to ignore this junk food abomination for days now but it keeps popping up across all my social media platforms.

Junk food is considered to be the best creation of man. Who does not love eating the unhealthy yet mouth-watering popular food combinations that pamper the taste buds?

Over time, globally the people have devised new ways of combining the common fast food items into many amazing ways that enhance the taste and give a new experience.

For example, who knew that a sausage inside a bun with ketchup and mustard could make a good place amid the weird food combinations people love?

Yup, we are talking about a hot dog that shortened the breakfast or lunchtime from table to on the go. As much as most combinations look appetising and go well together, some are just cringe-worthy.

For example, last week while scrolling through social media I came across a photo of a beef burger with dripping sauce, cheese, and one unusual ingredient, Oreos. Disgusting isn't it? Well, that's what most of us think too.

When I saw the photo on Facebook posted by one of my friends I quickly saved it on my phone and reposted it so I can get people’s reactions to it.

Judging from the comments I received people are not vibing with the creation. If you also log in to Twitter, a lot of people have shared the unusual meal on their timelines and in every post, be it a caption or comment, people are having mixed feelings over it.

What also bothers most of us is the fact that we don't know who or which restaurant created this burger – all we know is that they should stop!

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