Britain's Prince Charles. REUTERS/Tomas Bravo
Britain's Prince Charles. REUTERS/Tomas Bravo

Prince Charles promotes vegan diet... but only eats dairy products one day a week

By Viwe Ndongeni-Ntlebi Time of article published Oct 13, 2021

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Prince Charles says people should eat less meat and dairy to reduce the harmful effects on the environment.

The Prince of Wales revealed he had stopped eating the food products on certain days of the week.

In an interview with the BBC, the future King of England, 72, said: “I don’t eat meat and fish two days a week and I don't eat dairy products one day a week. If more [people] did that you would reduce a lot of the pressure”.

A report published in Global Environmental Change said by eating less meat and dairy, we can save the rain forests.

“Reducing meat and dairy consumption will have positive effects on greenhouse gas emissions and human health. It will also help biodiversity, which must be conserved to ensure the world’s growing population is fed.

“Changing our diets will lead to a more sustainable future and complement food security goals while addressing global food inequalities,” said study lead author Roslyn Henry.

In all, replacing meat with plant-based alternatives will result in a reduction in global agricultural land demand reduced by 11 percent – an important challenge as the world sees increasing income levels and with it, an increasing demand for meat, milk and refined sugar.

Charles has been speaking about environmental damage since the early 1970s and made the comments ahead of the UN Climate Change summit COP26 in Glasgow next month.

In the interview, which took place in Prince George’s Wood, an arboretum Charles has planted for his grandson in the gardens of Birkhall, his house on the Balmoral estate in Aberdeen, he also spoke about some of the changes he’s made to his royal residences.

The Prince said he is using biomass boiler systems at Birkhall and had installed solar panels at London’s Clarence House and on the farm buildings of Highgrove, his home in Gloucestershire.

The royal has said world leaders should take ambitious action on climate change rather than “just talk”, and take notice of how “despairing” many young people are about the issue.

“The problem is to get action on the ground,” he said.

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