Docter’s invoice Picture: Instagram
Docter’s invoice Picture: Instagram

No laughing matter as woman says she was charged for crying during surgery

By Viwe Ndongeni-Ntlebi Time of article published Oct 4, 2021

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A woman shared a bill from the doctor that included payment for crying.

The US woman, named Midge, shared a picture of the invoice she received after a mole removal procedure.

The bill also included $11 (over R136), the charge was for "brief emotion". That's approximately R815 for a "Brief emotional/behavioral assessment" - which Twitter users branded "absurd" and "ridiculous"

"Mole removal: $22 (over R327). Crying: extra," Midge, who goes by @mxmclain on Twitter, wrote while sharing a picture of the bill last week. "I didn't even get a damn sticker," she jokingly added.

How much for the extended emotion? I have a lot of feelings, a social media user jokingly asked.

The post has gone viral with social media users weighing in on the situation. One users said “Any time my non-American friends complain about how ’horrible’ their medical system is in their country (e.g. Japan, France, UK, Sweden), I’m like, Mademoiselle, come to America first. We will charge you for having a ’brief emotion’.”

Another said, "The best innovation to come out of America is the numerous ways they find to charge patients receiving medical treatment," one Twitter user wrote.

While another one was in agreement and said: “Agreed. They even charge Mothers for touching their babies for the first time. Like I don't understand that.”

This is US healthcare. I once got billed for going too in-depth on my trauma's with my psychiatrist, a Twitter user claimed.

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