Yes, the internet can be a messy place and no one is safe. File picture: PxHere
Yes, the internet can be a messy place and no one is safe. File picture: PxHere

Siya with the pink blazer has got a lot of explaining to do

By Marchelle Abrahams Time of article published Oct 22, 2021

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Poor Siya. Chances are someone must have sent this tweet to his wife, asking: “Is this your man?”

And now the whole of Mzansi knows Siya with the pink blazer has a chick on the side after exchanging digits at Groove.

The internet can be a messy place and no one is safe. Just ask Siya who was overheard telling a colleague about his ’business’ trip shenanigans.

The entire exchange was overheard by fellow passenger @I_Kimberraxie who then proceeded to give his wife a heads up via Twitter.

“If your husband’s name is Siya & he took a morning flight today at 06:00 ko OR Tambo to Durban wearing a pink blazer & has reading glasses, please know your husband was telling his female colleague (I think) your marriage ndabas & he was telling her that he met up with a hun at Groove and they exchanged numbers & went out to eat (I can’t remember if it was lunch or dinner, but one of the two) … ene they were & maybe still are texting each other,” she wrote.

@I_Kimberraxie even went as far as tweeting the flight number, adding: “Ooh and another small detail I forgot to mention is the airline he was on was FlySafair flight FA286.”

After the tea was spilled, tweets weren’t too impressed with her revelations, and by this we mean mostly men.

“Hi Kim, I forgot to tell you I was minding my business this one night when I saw your man’s arm wrapped around some girl’s waist at some spot in Melville, Johannesburg. This was around August 2021.

“Hope you had a great flight though,” wrote one user.

Another accused her of ruining a marriage, to which she responded “she deserves to know what kind of man she’s married to”.

Not surprisingly, it was mostly women who commended her for her actions.

“Women are always glad to find out what their partners are doing … they are not like men who have the ’what I don’t know, won't hurt me’ mentality,” observed a sister in arms.

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