Foot fetish. Picture: Pixabay
Foot fetish. Picture: Pixabay

Are feet pics the new nudes? Guy gets a kick out of pictures of feet and is willing to pay top dollar

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published May 10, 2021

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Would you pay R38K for a picture of someone’s foot?

It has become common practice for guys and girls to ask for nude pictures of each other. Whether it’s a full frontal or a just a bit of boob, people are titillated by a flash of flesh.

The exchanges of naughty pictures are usually playful and there are no costs attached.

However, there is one guy who was willing to pay for his kinky nude, but there’s a twist.

When David Farrier from Dark Tourist, received a DM requesting a series of images of his feet, he took to Twitter for advice on the matter.

Not only was it an unusual request, but the guy making the request was actually willing to pay R38K for the images.

He was very specific about what he wanted for his R38K. The request included six pictures and two videos.

Farrier tweeted screenshots of their conversation with the caption: “should i sell this man pictures of my feet for $2700.”

The thread continues to show the conversation between himself and the very keen buyer.

The chat even included examples of the poses he required.

As you work your way through the hilarious thread, you will get to the part where he does in fact send two images of his feet and a video.

He’s yet to receive payment of these images and the “buyer” has vanished.

However, his feet are freely displayed on - a website dedicated to pictures of the feet of male celebrities.

What a twisted end to a bizarre story.

Foot fetishism isn’t anything new or uncommon.

In fact, this sexual interest in feet is the most common form of sexual fetishism for non-sexual objects or body parts.

Many porn sites have a category dedicated to foot fetishism where men and women can get their kicks by scrolling through images of feet in various positions. Bare or wearing shoes, long feet, chubby toes… whatever you turns you on.

Foot fetish. Picture: Pixabay

In the same way that men and women have their individual preference of sexual body parts, foot lovers have theirs.

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