Kassie with her mom Shab. Picture: Instagram
Kassie with her mom Shab. Picture: Instagram

WATCH: She’s only 4 and she can apply false eyelashes, create a smoky eye and a cut crease like a pro

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Apr 20, 2021

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I’m often on the look out for new make-up looks, tricks and techniques. Which means I’m constantly on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok to see who’s doing what on the professional make-up scene.

One of the trickier eye applications to perfect is the cut-crease eyeshadow look. Make-up enthusiasts probably know what I’m taking about because all beauty influencers are wearing the look.

If done correctly, cut-crease eyeshadow can make the eye appear bigger and the colour on your lid pop. It’s created in the crease of the eye, using stark contrasting colours.

The look takes practice and precision. It’s certainly not a look for make-up beginners.

If you haven’t mastered a simple smoky eye, then you’re not ready to attempt the cut-crease look.

While doing a search on this tricky look I came across a four-year-old doing her mom’s make-up.

Not play-play make-up. Actual make-up.

She does everything from a glam smoky eye to perfect contouring. She even knows how to apply false lashes.

When I watched the video of her doing her first cut crease on her mom, I was blown away.

Four years old and she can do a cut crease. I’ve seen grown-ups battle to apply lashes, never mind take on a such a tricky eyeshadow application. She has recreated some of the top make-up beauty influencers’ looks as well.

Little Kassie makes regular appearances on her mom Shab’s Instagram page.

Her mom is a professional make-up artist which explains the child’s love for make-up.

Kassie has her own Instagram page with more than 18k followers.

Nikkie from NikkieTutorials was blown away when Kassie recreated her pink make-up look, saying “Is she doing this by herself?”

The little girl even managed to copy the famous James Charles rainbow eye look.

Watching this cutie work one can’t help but wonder if she was born with a make-up brush in her hand. She will probably be doing editorial beauty shots by the time she’s 10!

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