Completely recyclable BMW i Vision Circular concept debuts with strange new grille

By Motoring Staff Time of article published Sep 7, 2021

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MUNICH - Remember those memes predicting that the BMW grille would eventually grow so big that it would engulf the entire car? Well, there could be some truth in that if the BMW i Vision Circular concept is anything to go by.

But it’s not all bad news. When the day comes to relieve the world of this sight, the BMW i Vision Circular concept is at least completely recyclable. And that, in our book, makes it extremely cool.

Revealed at the IAA Munich motor show this week, the concept car is built from recycled and sustainable materials. During its presentation at the show, BMW said it wants to become "the most sustainable carmaker in the world."

Instead of using paint, the car features a main body made from recycled aluminium with a light-gold anodized finish. Chrome, double frames, bars, trim and decorations have been omitted, with the BMW logo being lasered into the metal in order to avoid additional parts.

All relevant information is projected onto the bottom area of the windscreen, and the data can be moved directly into the user's field of vision or hidden. Exterior and interior mirrors are no longer required thanks to camera technology.

Even the solid-state battery that powers the BMW i Vision Circular concept is 100% recyclable and almost completely made from recycled materials. Furthermore, BMW says it will achieve a considerably higher energy density with significantly fewer of the most valuable resources.

Today’s vehicles are manufactured using around 30% recycled or reusable materials and BMW wants to increase this to 50% through its ‘Secondary First’ approach.

"We gave thorough consideration to the circular economy from the outset during the design process," said Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design.

"Climate friendly mobility is not automatically created through a higher number of electric vehicles on the road,” BMW said. “Furthermore, it is crucial to reduce the use of primary material and the related environmentally harmful exploitation of resources and their often CO2- intensive processing – especially when it comes to car manufacturing, one of the most resource-intensive industries.”

IOL & Xinhua

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