The Wall Mount 150w Luminaire is the perfect solution for large areas, with a motion sensor that turns the device on and off as needed.
The Wall Mount 150w Luminaire is the perfect solution for large areas, with a motion sensor that turns the device on and off as needed.

Curbing Covid-19 at the flick of a light switch

By Brandstories Time of article published Sep 13, 2021

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Due to the nature of Covid-19, it has proven difficult to manage the spread of the virus in South Africa, and some of the most effective countermeasures are to sanitise, wear masks, socially distance and where COVID cases are found.

“We knew that technology offered an alternative countermeasure that is the same as, if not more effective than just sanitising. The answer is Far-UV light, which unlike UV-C light, does not penetrate the skin or eyes while destroying all pathogens. It is a one-of-a-kind technology that provides safe, effective, autonomous and continuous disinfection in occupied spaces,” says Conrad Kullmann, managing director of FAR UVC Africa.

Far-UVC is a technological breakthrough product that causes a physical destruction of viral, bacterial, and fungal cells in a matter of seconds. It is the first of its kind to provide practical and effective countermeasures that are animal and human safe to fight off infectious diseases and pathogens in occupied spaces.

Designed and assembled in South Africa, for the South African and international market, Far-UVC uses an imported built-in technology that has been used by the healthcare industry to destroy superbugs in hospitals.

Adds Kullmann, “we are determined to help curb the spread of the CoronaVirus by distributing the Far-UVC lighting technology and finding ways to provide a “safe zone” for high density public and private spaces.”

This technology offers a low maintenance long term sanitisation solution for business and intimate or enclosed public spaces including hospitals, health care centres and healthcare transportation as well as the transportation industry as a whole.

Far-UVC lighting solutions come in various products enabling businesses of all sizes and across a range of industries, to provide an extra layer of sanitation to their employees, customers, patrons, and commuters.

Three of the most widely used products from FAR UVC Africa are the:

1: Cab Unit which is perfect for use in public transport; taxis; trains and ambulances. This 20w device covers up to 30sqm and sanitises in 3 – 45 minutes, depending on the distance from contamination. It is compact and comes with an on and off switch.

2: Portable Unit is ideally suited to the hospitality and conferencing industry because it can be moved around to sanitise rooms or delegate areas either once of, or throughout the duration of an event. A 150w unit, the Portable Unit can sanitise a space in 6 – 10 minutes depending on the distance from contamination.

Portable device

3. Wall Mount 150w Luminaire is the perfect solution for large areas. With a motion sensor that turns the device on and off as needed, the Wall Mount unit can disinfect large spaces within 9 minutes, depending on the distance from contamination. It can cover 60sqm.

One of the biggest advantages of Far-UVC lighting technology is that there are no consumables, no refills, no hassle, and most units come with a motion sensor, ensuring that the lighting units work long-term and are cost-effective. In essence, the filtered Far-UVC sanitising light technology is a set of products that are easy to use, continuous, self-contained, and are both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Tested by the CSIR, the Far-UVC lighting provides a safe and effective alternative solution to mitigate virus transmission in such settings.

The company has a finance plan in place to assist businesses that want to become Covid-19 safe zones and is always on standby to provide a full range of replacement lamps, power supplies and periodic maintenance of their range of products.

Sanitising is going to be part of our lives even beyond the current pandemic. What better way to embrace this new normal than to adopt innovations like Far-UVC lighting to deliver real-time protection in any public space.

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