An X-ray of one of the monkeys shot in Westvile Picture: Monkey Helpline
An X-ray of one of the monkeys shot in Westvile Picture: Monkey Helpline

Animal rescue group appeals for help in tracking down Westville monkey shooters

By Se-Anne Rall Time of article published Aug 31, 2021

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DURBAN - ANIMAL rescue group, Monkey Helpline, is urging Westville residents to expose two shooters who are targeting monkeys in the area.

Monkey Helpline's Carol Booth said they know residents are aware of the shooters. Two monkeys had to be put down after they were found with injuries.

"The body of evidence is clear and the bodies keep falling. Last week a monkey was shot in the chest and died in a driveway. On Tuesday, an adult male and female were both paralysed after being shot in the spine. Both had to be euthanased," she said.

Booth said the cruelty can be stopped with help from the community.

"Neighbours need to come together, to report this shooter and to ensure he is prosecuted. Until such a time our hands are tied, all we can do is pick up these suffering animals and end their pain. This troop is being annihilated, just down from this road in Carlton Avenue, lying in wait, is another criminal shooter. We have already picked up two of the adult female monkeys shot and left paralysed, both had to be euthanased," she said.

It is believed there is a shooter in Carlton Avenue and Cotswold Avenue.

“Both these monkeys had at least four lead pellets lodged in their bodies. This entire troop is riddled with pellets. This is a danger to all the neighbours of this criminal shooter. Next it could be your child or your cat next,” Booth said.

Monkey Helpline can be reached via 082 659 4711 or [email protected]


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