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The worst (and best) TikTok challenges to come out of lockdown

By Yasmine Jacobs Time of article published Sep 19, 2021

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WITH everyone inside their homes due to Covid-19 lockdowns, boredom has reached an all-time high. This boredom has caused a number of TikTok challenges to emerge. Most were questionable, but some were decent and even positive.


There are number of bad and dangerous challenges. Challenges get a bad rap, as many of them resulted in injuries. Authorities and social media have tried to clamp down on these challenges.

Milk Crate challenge

This ridiculous challenge saw TikTok users stacking milk crates into a pyramid and then trying to climb across the pyramid.

Needless to say, in most videos, users are seen falling as they try to climb up one side of the makeshift pyramid, and down the other.

However, TikTok has banned the popular “milk crate challenge” due to concerns that users participating in the trend could be seriously injured.

Devious lick

Move over, Milk Crate challenge. There is a new stupid challenge doing the rounds on TikTok.

This new challenge is called the “Devious lick challenge”. In a bid to gain clout and followers, people now are claiming to have stolen school supplies.

The trend started when TikTok user jugg4elias posted a video to the social media platform on September 1, showing off a box of disposable masks the user claimed to have stolen from school.

Schools are cracking down on the viral trend, warning students they could face arrest for stealing school property.

Filing teeth

Yes, you read that correctly. As if climbing on a milk crate pyramid was not bad enough, people are shaving their teeth with the nail file to make their teeth even.

While DIY beauty hacks and home-made bathroom products are common on TikTok, they are not dangerous. Dentists warned TikTok users that doing this challenge can cause irreparable damage to teeth. If you file down the enamel in your teeth, it will never grow back, you risk tooth sensitivity and you may lose your tooth. Definitely not worth the extra views.


With the crazy, dangerous and attention-seeking challenges out there, one would be forgiven for thinking that all challenges are just plain stupid. But you can restore your faith in humanity with these.

Learn on TikTok

Amidst all the teeth filing and milk crate climbing, TikTok is a quick and easy way to learn something new. Using the #learnontiktok hashtag, users provide great possibilities to learn almost anything. Whether you want to learn a new recipe, new language or find out how to relocate beehives, someone on TikTok could probably teach you about it.

‘Beautiful People’ Challenge

This wholesome challenge encourages users to share heart-warming videos of celebrating their beautiful friends and family in their lives. These sweet videos are accompanied with Ed Sheeran’s hit song Beautiful People. Brace yourself for a few tears, as this is definitely an emotional challenge.

Potato trend

Lockdown means that a lot of people spent time with families, so it only natural that TikTok trends would include our nearest and dearest.

The latest TikTok trend calls on users to re-create the intro of a cult-classic animated series that first premiered on the BBC in the spring of 2011, titled Small Potatoes.

The challenge sees young and old generations coming together to put a new spin on the catchy song and video.


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