Electronic Duo GoldFish set to take to the stage at 947’s Huawei Joburg Day. Supplied image.
Electronic Duo GoldFish set to take to the stage at 947’s Huawei Joburg Day. Supplied image.

Electronic Duo GoldFish set to make a big comeback at 947's Huawei Joburg Day

By Sameer Naik Time of article published Oct 15, 2021

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Johannesburg - Despite being thousands of kilometres away from South Africa, there is simply no way that electronic duo Goldfish are going to miss out on performing at the Huawei Joburg Day with 947 next weekend.

Having always had a blast performing at Joburg Day, the duo, made up of Dominic Peters and David Poole, have agreed to perform a virtual set, live from San Diego, where they are currently staying.

“We always try to be a part of Joburg Day as it’s such a great event, however, we are not always geographically able to be there so when the awesome team at 947 contacted us to perform for this year’s virtual event we were over the moon,” said Peters.

Their virtual performance at Joburg Day next weekend signals GoldFish’s big return in South Africa since the Covid-19 pandemic.

The duo hasn’t been back home since their last show at the end of 2019, and have dearly missed their fans.

“Our South African fans have supported us from the start,” said Poole.

“They were there with us when we were playing in a tiny upstairs bar in Camps Bay, and they are still here with us. It’s a special bond that we share that hits different anywhere else in the world,” said Poole.

The Huawei Joburg Day with 947 is an iconic event and the biggest bi-annual music extravaganza in South Africa and successfully transferred to a virtual space for the two most recent events.

This October will be the first time the event is hosted in a hybrid format, with a limited number of listeners lucky enough to experience the event in person as VIPs.

Electronic duo GoldFish. Supplied image.

The event will be live-streamed on YouTube and will include some of South Africa’s best acts such as Goldfish, Matthew Mole, Shekhinah, Nasty C, Prince Kaybee, and DBN Gogo.

While GoldFish would much rather be performing live for their South African fans, the duo said they had become accustomed to virtual sets since the pandemic.

“We are used to it now,” said Peters.

“We did so many during lockdown playing from Dave’s living room as well as various other beautiful locations that it’s just another part of what we do now. It’s a different experience for us as it’s not as immediate with the crowd right there with you but what is incredible is that we can now play to anyone, anywhere in the world. The possibilities of where this could go with VR are exciting.”

However, virtual sets do come with their challenges, said Poole.

“All those damn cables and software programs provide us with challenges. The number of hours we have spent negotiating with equipment … especially since we always try to push the envelope with multiple cameras, great audio, and a two-way interactive experience for our fans on streams makes for some interesting moments. But so grateful that technology allows us to be able to reach our fans no matter what. Provided Eskom plays ball.”

The duo has been hard at work in the US, playing sets across the country.

“Thanks to the vaccines rolling out in the US from early January we were able to have a very busy summer in San Diego with over 30 shows including our last show at Red Rocks in Colorado, which is just an incredible place.

“Other than shows we have been surfing, mountain biking and braaiing as much as possible along with perfecting our home-made biltong game.”

Electronic duo GoldFish. Supplied image.

The lockdown has also given the duo time to reflect on life and everything else important.

“It was a good time to reflect on everything we have done up until now and really dig deep into our musical roots for inspiration to create music in a crazy time,” said Peters.

“Luckily, we have been fortunate enough to be able to play shows around the US since June which has been great! It’s been a bit like matric rage for everyone of all ages … we are hoping it will be like this when we return to SA.”

While they’ve had a good time playing virtual sets during the lockdown, the duo admits the lockdown has been tough on the music industry.

“The music industry and entertainment industry, in general, took a mega knock with no live events, but we made the most of it by doing live streams, working on new music and enjoying spending consecutive nights in our own beds. Glad that things are looking positive for the future as I think everyone is ready to feel the music again.”

The duo is set to perform in South Africa at the end of the year.

“We are planning some very special shows in December/January and are very excited to finally play on home soil again. If everything goes according to plan, we’ll be announcing those very soon,” said Peters.

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