The gem of Greenstone: 27-year-old Monique Lopes is a health and fitness coach and a sponsored bikini athlete. Supplied image.
The gem of Greenstone: 27-year-old Monique Lopes is a health and fitness coach and a sponsored bikini athlete. Supplied image.

LOOK: A summer of hotties: 947’s Anele and the Club search for office eye candy

By Norman Cloete Time of article published Oct 16, 2021

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Johannesburg - As Gautengers settle into their new Covid-19 routines and offices are once again filling up, some are not just there for the coffee. Anele and the club on 947 went in search of office eye candy and they've come up with a calendar of Joburg’s office hotties which is sure to bring a smile to many faces. The search for Joburg’s office hotties saw around 150 nominations from colleagues of the 12 men and women who made it onto the hotties calendar.

Boksburg tactical paramedic Stephen Henderson said while he’s thrilled to have made it onto the hotties calendar, he’s rather a shy guy.

“I consider myself as a normal guy. Nothing special about me except that the Lord blessed me to become a paramedic. I feel flattered that I did make the calendar but it makes me shy but smile at the same time, that there are people out there thinking I’m the office hottie,” he said.

Henderson said it’s a massive privilege for him to be on Anele and the Club’s calendar and would donate all proceeds, if any were made, to his favourite charity.

“I don't expect a cent out of this. If I do get something, I would like to donate it to a charity I have supported for the last two years.

Asked about being seen as a hottie, Henderson replied: “There are pros and cons about everything in life. With regards to being on the calender, I don't know what it will bring to my life but I'm sure it will have more positive vibes than negative. My goal in the emergency services is to promote health and fitness. If I can do it, everyone can do it. I also know there are different circumstances for everyone but if you put in the effort you will reap the benefits.”

Tactical paramedic, 28 year old Stephan Henderson said his physique is all about promoting health and fitness and hopes his bod will encourage others to live healthy lifestyles. Supplied image.

Greenstone resident Monique Lopes said she’s still trying to wrap her mind around how this happened.

“I listen to 947 every morning on my way to the gym and I heard about the office hottie adventure but I genuinely didn’t even think I would ever be nominated. It was just an idea that never crossed my mind at all. I was caught totally off guard but I’m so excited for the journey,” she said.

Lopes said while she doesn’t consider herself an office hottie, she sees the calendar as an opportunity to have fun, build on her inner confidence and connect with other super fun humans.

“I actually place a lot more importance on who I am as a person and the kindness and positivity I get to share with the world. I am, however, so honoured and super excited to have been chosen by the 947 teams as one of the finalists,” she added.

Lopes said she loves empowering other people and making them smile and hopes this experience will inspire others to embrace every exciting opportunity that life brings.

And the accounting world will also be happy that one of its own made it onto the calendar in the fine form of Benedictar Sibanda. The Germiston resident said she was completely clueless that she was considered the office hottie.

“I am just a person that likes dressing smart and looking good because it makes me feel confident and when you look good, you feel good. I am ecstatic.”

Asked about the pros and cons of being on a hotties calendar, Sibanda said: “l like the fact that l get to leave an impact on the new people l meet and people easily remember me because of the way l present myself. The cons would be people having higher expectations of me which l wouldn't say is a bad thing because it motivates me to be the best version of myself.”

Twenty six year old Benedictar Sibanda was nominated by her office receptionist. Supplied image.

Joburg South resident Kearin Cain said it came as a huge surprise to her.

“I wouldn't really consider myself "thee" office hottie, because I work with a handful of good-looking people. However, I appreciate the nomination nonetheless. It feels good to be a part of the Office Hottie Calendar. I just hope the people in my office don't expect me to look good 24/7. Other than that it really is a great opportunity and I'm really grateful to be a part of it, especially amongst a group of extremely good looking individuals,” she said.

Customer Consultant, 21-year-old, Kearin Cain said her colleagues are very attractive and is thrilled she’s considered the office hottie. Supplied image.

IT worker Aaron Aaron Mokoatla said he was merrily clicking away when a colleague walked up and popped the question.

“I was like mmmmmm. Why not let’s give it a try. I believe we are all hotties in different ways. People look up to you, especially when it comes to a well-built body. They always want to learn from you how you did it or doing it. So it makes it easy to advise someone on what to eat or exercise. Disadvantages? None. It's all smiles and hugs you receive,” he said.

35-year-old Aaron Mokoatla said he couldn’t believe it when he received the call that he made it onto the calendar. Supplied image.

Dylan Vincent said he thought it was funny when he first heard about the calendar.

“One morning I get a WhatsApp message from my colleague telling me that I will receive a call from this number which is for 94.7 and she then explained the whole thing. I thought it was funny after hearing it and quite nervous realising I’m gonna be on live radio, especially because of the reason,” he said.

Centurion resident, 24 year old Dylan Vincent thought the calendar idea was a joke until he was informed he made it onto the hotties list. Supplied image.

Though he never considered himself a hottie, Vincent admits he has caught many a lady’s eye.

“I feel quite honoured to be considered an office hottie. I do work hard in the gym and maintain a fairly healthy diet, so it’s nice to see that people do in fact notice, although that’s not the reason I do it for. I only see pros being an office hottie,” he said.

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