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Thursday, May 26, 2022

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#PoeticLicence: The line between “we are live” and living life is getting blurry

Author Rabbie Serumula. File image.

Author Rabbie Serumula. File image.

Published Jun 13, 2021


Okay, “Rabbie, we’re live”, or in the newspaper, on a screen, depending on where you are reading this.

I dare not attempt to insult your intelligence. This is under the assumption that you have seen the viral video where NBC Namibia news anchor, Jessica Kaimu, corrected her colleague, Elmarie Kapunda, while they were live on TV. And subsequently how SABC anchors Sakina Kamwendo and Vaylen Kirtley recreated their own spoof of the Namibian NBC News anchors. It was hilarious.

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If you have not seen these, this is where you pause. If you are attuned to the scent of a newspaper, you will smell a combination of guaiacwood, cedar, musk and spice, with a velvet nuance, meant to mimic the aroma of black ink – or hear the rustle of newspaper pages, brushing together in the tips of your fingers, and palms of yours hands as you unfold them. This then is where you pick up your phone and Google #jessicawearelive.

But if you are already reading this on IOL, simply open another tab.

I will make this line bald so you know where you left off.

Now that we are all up to date on the issue…

Welcome back to those who went to search. To those who stayed, thank you for reading on to those who stayed.

Many professionals live in and out of Zoom meetings, webinars, podcasts and so forth.

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Our idea of “going live” or “we are live” is evolving. Why wouldnt it?

Who are we if not descendants of an Archangel carrying a lily, for beauty. A trumpet, for music. A shining lantern, for light. Let there be light!

A branch from Paradise, to remain grounded. A scroll, for knowledge – the receiving and passing down of it. And a sceptre, to blaze trails, or part seas if need be. But definitely to blaze trails.

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The line between “we are live” and living life is getting blurry. Why wouldnt it?

Who are we if not guinea pigs of evolution?

When time takes us to a river, it doesn't have to make us drink. We are inherently thirsty, or curious. You know the semantic relation between cats and curiosity; how do we not die nine deaths for water?

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Yes, water is life. But it can drown you.

Like how Jessica filled Elmarie’s lungs with water live on TV. Like how she could have spoken to her off air.

Perhaps it is not fair to crucify Jessica. There exists an earlier video of her being referred to as “Janet” by another co-anchor at a different time at the same studios. And, in that instance as well, she corrected her co-worker while they were live. She was more polite with her rectification then. She may just have had enough.

But whatever the reason, the workplace is not your mother’s house.

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