Author and poet Rabbie Serumula. File image.
Author and poet Rabbie Serumula. File image.

#PoeticLicence: There are people who pay real money for a stay in a virtual world

By Rabbie Serumula Time of article published Jul 11, 2021

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Johannesburg - I like the real world better.

With its pain; the hearts that we break, and those that we mend.

The people we leave behind and those we meet.

It’s turmoil; the secrets that we bury, in graveyards that are our hearts.

How we keep smiling, while our demons are constantly trying to break free from our shells at the rate of cells regenerating.

How consciousness is passed down through generations.

How we inherited fear of our oppressors. And how we get back our power.

Not 40 acres and a mule. Or a rainbow nation with a monochrome filter.

We strengthen our minds and never forget our ugly. The squalor that is our homelands, our villages, our townships. How they have wrecked.

The services that we lack, from corruption by our leaders.

To the suburbs that we move to, when we create distance from our people.

But what is distance, if not the length of the space between two points of three perspectives? Mental, spiritual or physical. These three perspectives are the pillars on which consciousness is derived.

Therefore, what is distance if not manifestation?

There are people who pay real money for a stay in a virtual world.

It is called Earth 2. I came across this through gaming. It is a computer program like Google Earth and has a sectioned map that corresponds to user generated digital virtual environments.

So if you purchase land with real money in the “game”, other users have to buy it from you if they want to build on it. And they can go ahead and sell the house to someone else etc, all with real currency in the simulation.

They call it a futuristic concept for a second earth. A metaverse, between virtual and physical reality. I have been gaming since I needed to stand on a crate to reach the arcade machine controls and see the screen better. I think it is simply a video game played wearing virtual reality gear, with only one “real life” consequence.

Actions breed consequences. Consequences are one of nature’s most profound teachers. They teach humility; the modest or low angle to use when perceiving your own importance. We always learn as we do.

The only consequence from Earth 2 would be losing your “land” when the “game” crashes, or is hacked, or one of the easily possible scenarios that negatively linger around pyramid schemes of the same fashion.

A world where only losing money is the consequence, would breed carnage.

But losing money aside. I still prefer the real world even though half of our planet’s freshwater can be found in only six countries. And even those countries often have an unfavourable ratio of water to people.

About 36% of the world’s population lives on R15 or less a day.

Every year fees have been falling. They seem to be trickling into a bottomless pit.

Pit toilets consume our young.

We consume our lovers in flames. Paint their body with their blood. They are dying here! What devious artists we are. All the chaos we create. We may already be living on Earth 2. Let’s fix it before we move to another one.

The Saturday Star

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