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By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Feb 24, 2018

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CAMPING the traditional way need not be a challenge. Paul Frier, the senior buyer for Cape Union Mart, says people look for camping items that are good quality but not overpriced. Here are his ideas for camping essentials this year:


Besides being a travel statement at major resorts across the world, the hammock is also a nifty item that many people should take with them on camping trips. Frier suggests canvas singles or doubles.

“A hammock is a cool portable item that you can pack away in a pouch and is good value for money.

Many campers generally take them on a trip when they want to relax and have a lazy day.”

Look out for: Cape Union Canvas Double for R499.


Many travellers are opting for 2, 3 and 6-man leisure tents, says Frier. The leisure tents are quite popular and sell fast. “Choosing a tent is a personal decision. It depends on who you are going with and the size of the group.”

Look out for: K-Way tents from R1399.

Sleeping bag

A sleeping bag is a must-have item for a camping trip, unless you are glamping and cannot do without a bed. Frier says choosing a sleeping bag will depend on the season. Some campers enjoy goose and duck down, but there are hollow-fibre synthetic sleeping bags too.

Look out for: K-Way sleeping bags from R399.


No camping trip is complete without chairs. Frier says there are chairs for every type of camper, from children to the elderly. He says camping chairs are made with the South African consumer in mind.

Chairs usually hold the weight of persons weighing up to 150kg. Some of the favourites include the Director’s Chair, which has a fold-up table for drinks and meals, and the Ranger, a more sturdy chair.

“In my family, everyone has their own chairs to suit their individual needs,” he says.

Look out for: Cape Union Mart Director 2 Chair at R799.


The lighting of a place will depend on where a camping trip takes place. Frier says lanterns and headlamps are quite popular.

“Even if there is lighting, people still prefer carrying headlamps with them when they go to the toilet or are cooking at night.”

Look out for: Energizer Vision HD 180lm headlamp at R250.


Frier says a thermoelectric cooler is a necessity when roughing it out in the wild.

Look out for: Cape Union Wine Cooler ‘14 at R199.

Camp towel

Did you know that camp towels dry four times faster than normal towels. The towels can be stored in a pouch, which saves lots of space. Frier says that these camp towels sell out fast and are in demand.

Look out for: K-Way Camp Towel (large) at R299.

Pot set and camp food

There are many campers who opt to buy pots and camp food before they leave because of its convenience.

Frier suggests the Fire Maple Fire Fanatic pot set with a lid that doubles as a bowl/small pot or pan.

Look out for: Fire Maple Fire Fanatic 2-pot cookset at R399. Try the Nom Nom range, which starts at R125.

Bluetooth speaker

While Bluetooth speakers can be a disruption at camp sites, Frier says many campers are buying them.

He says that if one uses them they should consult other campers to see if they are fine with music being played. Campers should also consider the sound levels when they are in territories with animals.

Look out for: Volkano Bazooka Speaker at R499.



For those who do not like to pitch their own tent, a pop-up tent is recommended. They come in 2-3 person styles.

“This type of tent has grown in popularity and is ideal for campers on a schedule.

“You literally open them up and they pop up by themselves. Thereafter, all you have to do is peg your pop-up down,” he says.

Look out for: K-Way Pop-up tents from R599.

* All products mentioned are available at Cape Union Mart stores nationwide.

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