The specially designed fibres lie flat against your skin to evenly disperse heat and provide a cooling sensation to the touch.
The specially designed fibres lie flat against your skin to evenly disperse heat and provide a cooling sensation to the touch.

Under Armour’s Iso-Chill will make you feel cooler so you can work out longer

By Brandstories Time of article published May 7, 2021

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Performance footwear, apparel and equipment brand, Under Armour unveiled its Iso-Chill microfibre technology for 2021 in a global launch on Monday, May 3.

This game-changing technology made its debut in late 2019 as a replacement for CoolSwitch – a crystal technology that sent a cooling sensation back to the body once the garment tissue was activated by perspiration.

The key difference between Iso-Chill and CoolSwitch is the introduction of the natural element, titanium dioxide, which unlike its predecessor, expels heat immediately from the body when touched.

Let’s talk fabric

By flattening out the fibres within its garments and adding titanium dioxide, Under Armour has produced a garment within the train and run category, that quickly pulls heat away from the skin. This allows the human body to continue performing for an extended period and at maximum capacity.

The specially designed fibres lie flat against your skin to evenly disperse heat and provide a cooling sensation to the touch.

Optimum performance

As top sporting competitors will know, it can take a minute variant to give you a competitive edge to create a podium finish, define who wins and who comes in second. Under Armour has added titanium dioxide to its Iso-Chill collection to absorb UV energy, and quickly move heat away from the body. The exclusion of this concentrated heat allows the athlete to increase the max-out time and output in any hot or high-pressure situation.

The range will be available, in both the run and train category, in Under Armour brand stores nationwide, as well as online

In South Africa, the run range will be available from May 20 and the train range from June. The expected price range for South African shoppers will be between R499 for an entry level run cap to R1 299 for an elevated pair of leggings.

After Monday’s launch, IOL Sport spoke to England international and Saracens rugby player Maro Itoje, who joined Under Armour’s global athlete roster this year.

Maro Itoje joined Under Armour’s global athlete roster this year.

Q: Tell us how the Under Armour gear has changed your performance on the rugby field, and do you feel the effects of Iso-Chill?

A: I am really embracing my partnership with Under Armour. Their gear is amazing for training and recovery, and they have been so up-to-date with the technology. The most impressive innovation is my rugby boots that are custom-made for my feet. They’re so comfortable and give me the confidence to play my game, whereas my previous boot manufacturer did not give me that much joy.

Q: Lockdown and professional rugby was put on hold during the Covid-19 pandemic. How have you been making sure you stay rugby-fit?

A: I live with my brother and a teammate, and we converted a section of the house into a gym and kept motivating each other with various training challenges.

Q: Your club, the Saracens, got heavily punished for breaking salary cap rules so they’re not competing at the highest level of club rugby in the UK this year. How does that affect you?

A: I think the team is past this decision and the boys are focused on getting results. This past weekend’s 58-0 victory is proof.

Q: England has had a pretty bad Six Nations and there’s talk about you potentially being the only English player to make it in the Lions squad going to South Africa this summer. There’s also talk about you being the first black captain of the Lions this summer, after the Black Lives Matter movement. How have you been preparing? What do the Lions mean to you?

A: Let’s wait to see if I get selected on Thursday. I was part of the 2017 tour and it;s really something special; it’s a real honour for any British rugby player to be part of the Lions tour. I hope I get selected and regarding the captaincy, I just hope I get selected first.

Q: You are very proud of your African origin. What will it mean for you to play on the African continent?

A: If I am selected, I would love to just embrace the winter sun in Africa.

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