What makes Oakley the best sunglasses for Golf in South Africa?
What makes Oakley the best sunglasses for Golf in South Africa?

What makes Oakley the best sunglasses for Golf in South Africa?

By Brandstories Time of article published Sep 11, 2020

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If you ask golfers in South Africa which pair they always keep with them on every game, they most likely will say Oakley. Oakley is by far the best brand of sports sunglasses, and it’s not hard to see why.

What makes Oakley the best Golf sunglasses?

Golf is equal part a game of precision and coordination. The more precise and coordinated you are, the higher your chances are of coming out to the top. Oakley’s sunglasses are precision tools loaded with innovative features.

PRIZM Golf lens w/ Hydrophobic coating

Oakley sunglasses help you see the ball and every little detail on the golf course (including the blades of grass) more clearly. This is made possible through its genius innovation, the PRIZM Golf Lens.

These lenses highlight the colours you want to see on the field while blocking the other less important colours. No other lens in the sunglasses market does this better than the PRIZM lens.

Another feature that makes the Oakley sunglasses the best choice for the fairway is the hydrophobic coating of lenses that creates a barrier against smudges and sweat. This gives you a clear, unobstructed view on the field at all times.

Durable Frames w/ Unobtainium Grip

Comfortable sports frames are sturdy without being too heavy. Oakley frames are made of a nylon-based material called O-Matter that’s both lightweight and durable.

When swinging your club under the intense heat of the sun, you don’t want your sunglasses to slip or fall off. All Oakley sports frames have Unobtainium on the temples or nose bridge (often both). Unobatinium is a material that gets stickier the more you sweat, so it always stays on throughout the game.

Which Oakley sunglasses are best for Golf?

There are tons of options if you’re looking for Oakley golf sunglasses in South Africa. The most popular at the moment is Oakley Flak 2.0, a half-rimmed pair that’s extremely comfortable, strong in grip, and attention-grabbing. It’s great not just for golf but also for other sports like cycling.

The Radar EV Path is also an ideal choice if you want an extended upper field view. It also has a contoured bottom that won’t touch your cheeks even as you look down. It also comes in polarized lenses.

If you want to browse more Oakley golf sunglasses in South Africa, please click here.

What colour Oakley lenses are best for Golf?

Two of the best colours for golf are amber and brown. These tints are great for distance vision, and they also heighten contrast, giving you a clearer vision on the fairways.

Oakley is the leading sports sunglasses brand not only in South Africa but also in other countries. If you want to shop genuine Oakley golf sunglasses, browse Oculux’s collection of Oakley golf sunglasses here.

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