Battlefield 2042 vows to ban technical test leakers

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Aug 24, 2021

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'Battlefield 2042' players caught violating non-disclosure agreements could be banned from playing the final game.

The technical test for the upcoming game is underway and players with an EA Playtesting profile and who have signed NDA's have access to the title.

Developers revealed that they have been forced to remove "plenty of people" during the test as they have been caught breaking the rules of the NDA.

Community Manager Adam Freeman explained in a Twitter thread: "We've had a great first 48 hours so far on PC.

"We successfully tested our server scaling and got a lot of new positive data back from people stressing our closed network for the first time. Thanks to everyone for jumping on so far."

Freeman also reminded players that they face punishment should they disclose early clips of the game.

He warned: "Break the rules, expect to lose access to both the Technical Playtest, future EA Tests, and potentially access to 2042 itself when it releases.

"We've already removed plenty of people from the Playtest in these past 48 hours, and they won't be able to play this weekend."

Freeman also urged those with access to the technical test not to share information with their friends as it "won't work" and will end "super badly".

A new 'Battlefield 2042' short film, 'Exodus', has informed players of the story behind the game - which will not have a single-player campaign.

The new game is slated for release in October.

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