Don't let the lockdown get you down - these 10 tech items will help transform your quarantine experience.
Don't let the lockdown get you down - these 10 tech items will help transform your quarantine experience.

Must-have gadgets for the tech-obsessed

By Brandstories Time of article published Aug 6, 2021

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Digital gadgets have become essential in our productivity. From using electronic devices such as tv's and laptops to studying online, the mere existence of these technologies has had a massive impact on the way we work, learn and communicate with others.

From working remotely to online classes, being indoors has taught us to appreciate the gadgets we have. By simply having suitable devices with us, we're not only able to increase our productivity, but it also makes being cooped up indoors bearable. Don't let the lockdown get you down. Here are ten tech items to help transform your quarantine experience.

VR Gear Controller

If you're an avid virtual reality (VR) gamer, no adventure is complete without the Samsung gear controller. Designed to enhance your gaming experience, the controller provides a natural and more realistic gaming experience. Its ergonomic design and ability to recognise hand motion offers gamers a more intuitive and immersive gaming experience. .

Android TV

If it weren't for having a TV, we'd probably be bored out of our minds. Bringing you all sorts of content streaming services and entertainment, the Android TV continues to grow in popularity. Designed to get all the things you love from your phone to your TV, the Android TV gives you an interface that you'll find familiar. Using a voice control and integrated Google assistant, you'll have complete integration across all your devices.

On-the-go solar panel

Picture this: you decided to go camping with your family, but you have no electricity. Well, with the briefcase solar panel, all those worries will be a thing of the past. Rugged and durable, this on-the-go solar panel is ideal for any outdoor adventure. This professional-grade solar panel is the perfect backup for using solar energy, giving you the power you need wherever you go. Even at the beach!

Desktop Memory

Being indoors means you'll be spending more time on your laptop or PC than usual. This is why having sufficient desktop memory is crucial. Not only does it affect your workflow, but it also has a massive impact on the software performance of your device. By investing in the award-winning G.Skill Trident Z Royal, you'll have access to a quality engineered and rigorously tested desktop memory that's suited to provide you with the best user experience.

Smart car cooling and heating cup

Keep your beverages fresh with the Smart Car Cup. When you do need to leave the house, this nifty gadget is ideal for those long-distance drives. The Smart Car Cup allows you to enjoy your favourite beverages, hot or cold. Its practicality and convenience makes warming and cooling your drinks safe and effortless at the touch of a button. This is great for travelling with kids and babies who are fussy about bottle temperatures!

Desktop Storage Docking Station

If you're working remotely or attending online classes, the chances are that you're probably using a laptop or PC to do all your tasks. Having a dedicated desktop docking station is the next step in upgrading your workflow productivity. Designed to give you a better desktop experience through its built-in CF and SD card slots, the docking station allows you to power your laptops, drives and USB devices all through one single cable. Say goodbye to a rat's nest of wires and immersive yourself into a new desktop experience.

Digital Night Vision Monocular

Don't be afraid of the dark! With the Digital Night Vision Monocular, you can be a part of the nocturnal experience. Using advanced technology to help illuminate your surroundings, the Digital Night Vision Monoculars is the perfect device to capture high-resolution videos of the many wonders of the night. Some people may want to break away over weekends, and this gadget is ideal for those going camping or observing the wildlife! Its built-in infrared (IR) illuminator and IR-sensitive sensor provides you with the ultimate optical experience.

Go Pro Accessories

What could be described as one of the most versatile and economically friendly cameras there is, the Go Pro is a great on-the-go option if you're looking to capture all your memories on video. Now, what makes it even better is investing in Go Pro accessories that can increase the quality and cinematic experience of your footage. With the Gdome Pds, you can do just that. Compatible with GoPro Hero 7, the Xtreme Accessory houses a 160mm dome that creates incredible water shots

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 15.6"

The IdeaPad 3 is an entry-level laptop, but it’s definitely powerful enough to help you get things done. Features include speedy performance, an AMD Ryzen Mobile Processor, powerful memory and multiple graphics options.

Stay entertained with the IdeaPad 3’s dual speakers with Dolby Audio enhanced sound for even better audio when streaming your favourite movies & shows. View the full specifications right here.

Payment card reader

If you're running your own business, then you need the iKhoka business payment card reader. Say goodbye to cash transactions and hello to a more straightforward and safer way of paying. Using a Bluetooth connection, this lightweight and portable payment method is the ideal solution for businesses on the go. Its' tap and go' feature also allows card payments to be instant and contact-less.

Computer Desk

Upgrade your office space with the ultimate Combination PC Desk. Made from aluminium and tempered glass, this modern take on office furniture houses the perfect balance between functionality and practicality for any gamer. Its 120mm vents on each side also allow cool air to flow through, reducing the risk of overheating.

Improve your way of living and means of entertainment with these must-have gadgets. Shop these tech gadgets and more on Loot, right here.

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