Quentin Lorenzo Bugwandin and Seneshree Thambusami.
Quentin Lorenzo Bugwandin and Seneshree Thambusami.

Phoenix teen orphaned for the second time as his legal guardian killed in car crash

By Charlene Somduth Time of article published Oct 15, 2021

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Durban: A Phoenix teenager has been orphaned for the second time after his guardian, his brother, was killed in a car crash near the Flanders Mall in Mount Edgecombe.

After the death of his parents, Miguel Bugwandin was placed in the custody of his brother, Quentin Lorenzo Bugwandin.

Quentin, 23, lived in their family home in Trenance Manor, Phoenix, with his siblings Miguel, 14, sister Channon Leith Bugwandin, 18, as well as Quentin's fiancée Seneshree Thambusami, 20, and their son, Keano Colton, 1.

On Thursday, Quentin, Seneshree and Miguel were returning home after an evening out when they were involved in a crash with a truck.

Quentin and Seneshree died at the scene, while Miguel, a grade 9 pupil at Solvista Secondary School, was injured and taken to hospital.

"Miguel broke both his legs, cracked his skull, and suffered swelling to his brain,” said his sister, Channon.

“He was unconscious until Sunday. The first thing he asked was where Quentin was and whether he would fetch him from the hospital."

Their father, Shane Dewraj Bugwandin, died seven years ago of a heart attack, and their mother, Natalie Natasha Bugwandin, died three years ago after an illness.

"When our mother passed, I was still a minor, and Miguel was 11. Losing her was difficult on all of us, but Quentin, who was only 20, stepped in to care for us. He worked to support us financially, and he applied to be our guardians.

"Two months ago, his application was approved for Miguel. I was not included because I turned 18 in January this year. We were all so happy because we were afraid that Miguel would be taken away from us and placed in a foster home."

Channon said Quentin and Seneshree had planned to marry in December.

"They were a wonderful couple. My brother was happy and bubbly, and Seneshree was timid and caring. She was like a big sister to me, and they loved their son unconditionally."

Quentin was a dealer at Suncoast Casino, and Seneshree was a medical representative.

She said Quentin also wanted to open a car wash business, and he was a member of the X-Men KZN Crew, a car club.

"Emotionally, it is difficult for us. Keano has lost his parents. They will never see him grow up or be there for his first day of school, university and other milestones. He is always calling out for them. He is now living with his maternal grandmother. I am trying to remain calm and composed for Miguel. He needs me now during his recovery. We only have each other."

Captain Noqbile Gwala, a provincial police spokesperson, said a case of culpable homicide is under investigation.

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