Travellers should look at places that practice Earth-friendly policies.Picture: Pexels.
Travellers should look at places that practice Earth-friendly policies.Picture: Pexels.

Here’s how you can plan the perfect eco travel holiday

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Sep 22, 2021

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Eco travel, also known as sustainable or green travel, is fast becoming a hot commodity for guests venturing abroad, with travellers making strides to save the environment one trip at a time.

For those who want to plan an eco travel trip, the director for incentives and travel for Green Route Africa, Kerry Roos, said travellers need to start by choosing a green destination.

“Many countries are choosing to go green, including Sweden and Denmark. Travellers should look at places that practice Earth-friendly policies and those that have campaigns to promote sustainable travel. Research is your friend,” she said.

Once travellers have chosen their green destination, they need to look out for eco-friendly accommodation. Roos encouraged travellers to ask questions about the sustainable initiatives adopted at the hotel.

“Find out whether they operate with solar power, have any recycling drives and if there is a plastic ban. Find out how their business helps the community and other eco-friendly practices,” she said.

Roos said travellers also need to be mindful when booking activities.

“Look to support local and ensure that all activities are sustainable before you book,” she said.

She also said travellers should use public transport, ride a bike or walk over other modes of transportation as it reduces carbon emissions.

The food you eat is equally important. According to Roos, eating locally positively impacts the country.

“Travellers can partake in a meal with the locals or choose to dine at local restaurants that have the farm-to-table ethos. You can also prepare your own meals using local produce and products,” she added.

Finally, she encourages travellers to reduce their use of plastic.

“One of the biggest issues in the world is the use of plastic. Since straws and plastic are everywhere, travellers have to find practical ways of dealing with them. If you do find yourself using plastic, keep it with you until you can dispose of it,” she added.

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