Travel paranoia due to Covid-19 is a thing these days. Picture: Pexels
Travel paranoia due to Covid-19 is a thing these days. Picture: Pexels

Third wave holiday paranoia and how to get rid of it

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Jul 25, 2021

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I am OCD when it comes to sanitising, mask-wearing and social distancing. “Wear your mask,” I tell the passengers in my car. “Remember to social distance,” I warn them as we leave the car during many days out exploring.

While I am pedantic about my safety, travelling during the third wave brings its own set of challenges.

On a recent trip during lockdown level 4, my paranoia hit an all-time high.

I constantly worried about whether the woman at the toll gate sanitised her hands after assisting the car in front of me. I wondered whether there would be any guests at my accommodation. Would the place be cleaned? Should I sanitise everything before I use it?

I adhered to the Covid-19 regulations, yet I worried. It took away from the journey, the scenery, and the pitstops. Before the pandemic, I would plan an itinerary and start my trip early. But, with Covid anxiety, getting to the destination seemed more enticing than the actual journey.

Letting go of my paranoia is the one thing I battled with, which hindered me from exploring.

With the cases rising rapidly, many people are opting to stay home, partaking in virtual trips. Lack of travel affects the tourism industry, which require travellers to visit to keep their businesses open.

Here's how you can overcome your third wave paranoia:

Jot it down

Write down what makes you anxious. Is it crowded places? Do you fear people won't abide by the rules? Or is it something else? List your concerns and work on them. Sometimes having those fears on paper will bring clarity on what you should and shouldn't do.

Speak to an expert

If writing doesn't help, speak to a travel expert, especially if you are venturing abroad. They would assist you with any questions and concerns. If you go ahead with the trip, book it with an expert. That way, you are safe to enjoy your break without worry.

Travel at your own pace

You are bound to feel anxious when going away on holiday. However, it shouldn't dictate the way your trip goes. If you are taking precautions, there's no reason to panic. Double mask and stay away from busy places if you worry about the virus. To start, perhaps take isolated holidays, which are trips away from the busy tourist jaunts.

Fall in love again

While you adhere to all protocols, savour in the destinations. Take photographs, indulge in adventures and enjoy the scenery. Now is time to fall in love with travel again.

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