Leah with Janine Fabe from Hannah’s Place of Safety
Leah with Janine Fabe from Hannah’s Place of Safety

Leah turns 13 with gifts for abandoned babies

By Tracy-Lynn Ruiters Time of article published Nov 20, 2021

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A heart of kindness that can be felt the minute you walk into a room.

Leah Cupido, from Bay View in Mitchells Plain recently celebrated her 13th birthday, but not like any other teen.

The soft-spoken teen on Saturday handed over the donations she received from her nappy drive for Hannah’s Place Of Safety (HPOS), a orphanage for abandoned babies in Westridge.

The Weekend Argus reported on the teen was collecting goodies for Hannah’s instead of throwing a party.

She explained that she felt an urge to help children, especially those who were not as fortunate as others.

She again reiterated this on Saturday saying that she chose these babies because they already went through so much at such a young age.

Janine Fabe, director of Hannah’s Place Of Safety, said she could not contain her emotions when Leah got out of the car.

“She is such an amazing little human and as young as she is, she inspires others.”

Leah with Janine Fabe from Hannah’s Place of Safety

Fabe also officially recognised Leah as the homes first Junior Ambassador.

“We needed to, because I could sense her willingness and as soon as people heard of her story, more young girls wanted to become ambassadors and help.

“However, with the pandemic we can only do this in 2022 and appoint two more girl ambassadors who Leah will work with.”

Fabe said thanks to Leah many people learnt about Hannahs.

“We got so many calls to help. She put us on the map and is already working so hard, I’m so proud of her.”

To Leah, Fabe said she looked forward to many more good adventures.

“Leah you have changed so much in such a short period of time. I mean look at all the things you brought, things we didn't have two minutes ago.”

Leah’s parents, Byron and Cheryl Cupido said they were so proud of their daughter.

Leah with her proud parents, Cheryl and Byron Cupido. Picture: Tracy-Lynn Ruiters, Weekend Argus

Her doting dad added that his daughter was proof that anyone could have a big heart regardless of their age, gender and size.

Leah would like to thank each and everyone for their help in making her birthday nappy drive a success.

“People really came out even though they didn't have to, they tried and that’s all that counts.” said Leah.

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