The Strandfontein Community Policing Forum has called for residents to refrain from visiting the fisherman’s lane area and Lukannon Drive at night for safety reasons. File image
The Strandfontein Community Policing Forum has called for residents to refrain from visiting the fisherman’s lane area and Lukannon Drive at night for safety reasons. File image

Residents calls for restrictions to Lover’s Lane in Strandfontein after 14-year-old girl is raped and stabbed

By Genevieve Serra Time of article published Oct 25, 2021

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Cape Town - Police forums together with the Strandfontein Ratepayers and Residents Association are outraged after a 14-year-old girl was raped and stabbed in Lukannon Drive, known as “Lover’s Lane”.

They have called for the area to be revamped and for community members to refrain from visiting the site at night.

The Strandfontein Community Police Forum (CPF) have said the teen is in a stable condition.

The Ratepayers and Residents Association have proposed restrictions to the area at certain times of the night and for law enforcement visibility, following the incident.

Police said the teen had stab wounds to her body and had been raped while a suspect is still being sought, following her being found near Lover’s Lane– which is notorious for crimes.

Police spokesperson, Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi, said they were searching for the suspect.

“On arrival, on Sunday around 6.20am, they found the victim on the side of the road half-naked with stab wounds to her body. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital. Strandfontein police are investigating cases of attempted murder and rape. The suspect or suspects who fled the scene are yet to be arrested.

He added that anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stop on 08600 10111.

Strandfontein CPF chairperson Sandy Schuter Flowers said they would be monitoring the case and were saddened by the incident.

The case has been handed over to the police’s Family Violence and Sexual Offences (FCS) Unit for investigation.

She said they often carried out patrols at the site and called on residents to be vigilant while visiting the area at night, and warned against people congregating in vehicles, especially women.

“The Strandfontein CPF condemns this violent act upon a minor, someone’s child, I was livid when I got the call about the young woman found in the coastal area in Strandfontein,” Flowers said.

“I believed that she was still alive at the time Strandfontein SAPS arrived at the scene and immediately arranged for her to be transported to hospital. The circumstances around the incident are still unknown to the detective, because after she was taken to hospital, she was in a sedated state.

“I have made contact with the FCS detective working on this case, he assured me that she is stable. I will be keeping my finger on the pulse in this case. The Strandfontein Crime Fighters patrol together with law enforcement and SAPS very regularly, because we know that during the night we have vehicles parking off in the coastal area.”

Flowers said they would like to caution people about the area as it is unsafe, “particularly in the dark, secluded corners”.

“Even though we have intensified our visibility patrols there, we cannot be everywhere at once. We have warned people via several mediums to not park off after dark in this vicinity. We are concerned about the safety of people using the beach during the night, and this includes fishermen. Often we encounter men and women parking off, they don’t even see or hear us approaching.

“There are evil people out there, waiting to prey on unsuspecting people. We engage them and inform them of the dangers. Often we are told to go and fight real crime. Often our responses are that we are actually saving your life, because there are those criminals that see an opportunity to rob or even worse, physically injure people, just for their belongings.

“We will continue as partners of Strandfontein SAPS, Area South Marine Unit Law enforcement together with the Strandfontein Crime Fighters to patrol the coastal area.”

Mario Oostendurp of the Strandfontein Ratepayers and Residents Association said they have called for the area to be revamped due to the high rate of crime.

“Yet another brutal attack has taken place along this notorious stretch of road. A proposal to relook at the safety and security has been submitted in 2014. How many more rapes, murders before the authorities take action?”

“Considering the daily incidents and increase in crime incidents along this stretch of road, especially at night, which over the years have included murders, dumping of bodies, muggings, robberies, suicide and rape, but also a common and quick escape route for criminals involved in house and vehicle robberies and dumping”.

Oostendurp said a possible solution would be to prohibit entry to the area during restricted times and to make police more visible.

“Considering the shortage of police members, would it not make sense that access be limited? Possible solutions could be realignment of the current Law Enforcement patrols, restricted access times, a lockdown at 9pm and re-opening at 5am, and fencing similar to Strandfontein Road along the back of Bayview to limit access to Baden Powell Drive.”

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