Picture of 12 year old Jennifer Williams who was murdered in 2012. Pictures: Brendan Magaar/African News Agency(ANA)
Picture of 12 year old Jennifer Williams who was murdered in 2012. Pictures: Brendan Magaar/African News Agency(ANA)

The docket of murdered 12-year-old Jennifer Williams is being reviewed by the DPP eight years later

By Genevieve Serra Time of article published Sep 16, 2021

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Cape Town - The Directorate of Public Prosecutions confirmed they are reviewing the docket of the murder case of 12-year-old Jennifer Williams, who died eight years ago allegedly at the hands of a man known to her.

Last week, Weekend Argus brought you the story of Jennifer, who had disappeared while planning to swim at her sister’s home in Parkwood in December 2012.

She had been dressed in a bather with flower-print, pink crocs and a pink sweater at the time.

The beautiful little girl attended Parkwood Primary school, and tragically, her decomposed body was discovered on an open field in January 2013.

A 63-year-old neighbour had been the police's prime suspect and was questioned and charged and later set free due to a lack of evidence and never stood trial.

Neighbour and friend Chrystolene Johannes and Rachel Williams, Rachel’s mother. Pictures: Brendan Magaar/African News Agency(ANA)

Jennifer’s mother, Rachel Williams and her friend, Christolene Johannes, told Weekend Argus they were outraged that the man had been freed, claiming police had the evidence sitting in their laps after potential witnesses told of what had happened to the child.

They said they had seen the suspect the same day the body was discovered pushing a smelling dirt bin down the street and didn’t realise that, in fact, it had Jennifer inside.

They claimed police did not search the man’s premises for blood-stained clothing, which a witness said had been worn by the suspect.

They added another witness claimed the suspect had placed Jennifer into a dirt bin and harmed her.

Now years later, the National Prosecuting Authority sheds some hope for the family.

Spokesperson for the National Prosecuting Authority Eric Ntabazalila said the case was currently being reviewed by the DPP, the Directorate of Public Prosecution, after the docket was received this year: “I can confirm that the docket was brought to the DPP office in April.

“We are in the process of studying it with a view to take a decision and a possible request for further investigation.”

Williams (Rachel) and Christolene had been visited by a detective last year who had promised the case would receive attention.

“It was a detective from Cape Town, and he said he was busy with the case,” said Rachel.

“That was the last time we saw him, and we never heard from the police again.”

Johannes said many other cases had been solved but not Jennifer’s: “So many children’s cases have seen justice years after Jennifer’s case, but not this case, where there is enough evidence to solve it.

“She deserves justice.”

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